Rocks, Stones, and Dust

Contemporary art devoted to rocks and their relations.



Exhibition & Events





Wed., Nov. 11, 6:30–7:30pm

University of Toronto Art Centre


Join John G. Hampton as he speaks

about the stories behind the stones,

and the beingness of rocks.



Web Publication


Editor            John G. Hampton

Authors         Jane Bennett, David Garneau, John G. Hampton,

                      Lindsay Lawson, Elder Betty McKenna, Marcelo

                      Moscheta, Egill Sæbjörnsson, Hugh Raffles

Designer       Chris Lee




Publication © 2015 The Justina M. Barnicke Gallery
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Notes on the Design


The Glyphs featured on this site design are derived from markings that can be found on ancient Mesopotamian clay tablets that record economic activities, such as tax obligations and payment receipts. One of the primary technologies and skills assembled into the earliest printing presses in China and Korea was bronze casting for coinage. The digital typography displayed on this website is transmitted via the Internet, whose physical infrastructure echoes the network of submarine cables established to facilitate commerce and administration across the British Empire.



Organized and presented by the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery

and University of Toronto Art Centre


October 28–December 18, 2015

Curated by John G. Hampton


Curator’s Acknowledgements


I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the following people: to the staff of JMB/UTAC for all of their assistance and guidance, Barbara Fischer, Sarah Robayo Sheridan, Christopher Régimbal, Rebecca Gimmi, Maureen Smith, Heather Pigat, and Marsya Maharani; to Amber Christensen for walking with me each step of the way, indulging my redirection of all of our recent travels towards rocks and stones; to Dax Morrison and Phil Skot for their precision and professionalism in installing the exhibition; to all of the authors for their insightful words as well as their feedback into the planning of this exhibition its publication; to Chris Lee for designing this beautiful website; to William Huffman, Mark Cheetham, my parents (Eber and Mary Hampton), Jan Mackie, Jim Kuellmer, Micah Lexier, and everyone else who spoke to me of stones over the past year, each of those discussions has played some role in helping to shape my thinking about this project; and, most of all, to all of the artists, who offer endless inspiration. I am humbled and grateful to have worked with all of you. Thank you.


Rocks, Stones, and Dust is supported by the Ontario Arts Council, Manulife Financial, the Jackman Humanities Institute, and the Goethe-Institut.